Cyber School Program

In a modern era and technology as it is today, everyone is required to follow the mix and adapt to the progress that exists. Starting from the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and the shift of educational paradigm affect the methods and learning process. The fact is now online learning or e-learning is not a ‘strange’ thing to the world of education in Indonesia. E-Learning is a distance learning innovation that utilizes technological advances.

It seems obvious that technology has a significant impact on the direction and pace of human life. In the digital age, human life is colored with various conveniences. Things that seem difficult even impossible to do in the past, are now real. The conveniences to this digital technology has influenced human behavior. Humans will look very busy with their smartphone because almost all of their affairs assisted with gadgets.

What it is e-learning or cyber program in fikar school? It is a teaching and learning activities using internet, or media network. Learning activities can be accessed wherever connected to the internet, with a teacher who is online when learning take place.

E-learning or cyber school program in Fikar school is using MOODLE (modular object oriented dynamic learning environment), an application program that can make a media learning via website. This application allows teachers and students to enter into the ‘digital classroom’ to access the materials learning. By using MOODLE, we can make learning materials, quizzes, journal of electronic and others.

Learning materials used in e-learning or cyber school program is similar with conventional learning. The contents of the curriculum contain a number of lessons to be understood and controlled well with the help of a teacher. Students also get ‘The Leader in Me’ program, and monthly coaching. You can download the learning materials anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits if you join Cyber school program, or e-learning in Fikar school..?

  1. The learning process is easier and more interesting, because using the multimedia facilities such images, text, animation, voice, and videos.
  2. More effective and efficient in cost, no need to come to school, very flexible in place and time: anywhere, any time.
  3. More concise, informal class, directly on the subjects as needed.
  4. Can be accessed 24 hours/day ~ 5 days/week, can be monitored, can be tested with e-test.
  5. There is a tutor online ready to guide the students with the schedule determined by the academic division.
  6. There is coaching room (online) to direct the student’s passion, interest, and talent.
  7. The Leader in Me’ program (from ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey) every month.

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