Afternoon School

Usually after school, there are some activities conducted by the students. One of them is repeating school subjects/lessons, because they need some better and deeper understandings of their school subjects, especially their homework.

Students in general choose to repeat their lessons in a course place, or hiring private tutors. The materials presented in a course are usually the materials obtained at school, but more emphasis on tricks to do certain subject matters. While private tutoring has more benefits: the students feel free to express themselves, asking questions, and freely apply the knowledge they learn because they deal directly with teachers more personally.

Fulfilling this need, Fikar school organizes ‘Afternoon School’ by combining courses and Private tutoring in one program. What makes it different is: Fikar Afternoon School implements a semi-private system and is not only focused on academics but also emphasizing on character building and leadership to improve their personalities, because they have to resolve bad influences from their environment, social media, TV, games, smartphones, etc. By improving their character and leadership, students can lead their own learning.

The advantages of the Afternoon school program are:

  1. qualified teachers, from the reputable University (domestic and foreign) as the graduate from New Zealand, University of Indonesia, Gajahmada University, etc.
  2. Coaching: the guidance of potential and character, so that the student will know their potentials, talents, passions; and how to learn effectively with contemporary skill.
  3. Semi-private: maximum of 5 students in one class will be more effective as teachers can be more focused, and the students can be more active in the class.
  4. Affordable, but high quality and facilitated (free WiFi).
  5. The Leader in Me’ program (from ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey) every month.
  6. Actively and regularly communication to parents: we will inform the improvement of the students through the daily reports by ‘WhatsApp’ or e-mail, and free consultation in each semester.


  1. zef
    3 years ago

    sekolah seminggu berapa kali??


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