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Donny AdigunaPer April 2017, Fikar School board of Supervisor is again held by Mr. Donny Adiguna, the founder of Fikar School. He has been building the Fikar School since 2008. He is not a new person in the world of education. Through his struggle, Fikar School which started from three students, has now increased almost close to the number 100, a remarkable achievement.

Here is a short biography of the founder and board of Supervisor of Fikar school, Mr. Donny Adiguna :

Name : Donny Adiguna

Training & Working experiences :
• Lincensed Seven Habits of Successfull Families Fikar School Internal Facilitator (Dunamis) ~ 2016
• Fundamental Leadership Program (Dale Carnegie) ~ 2015
• Lincensed NLP Practitioner by TaD James ~ 2013
• Certificate of Completion the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ~ 2013
• Certify the Coach Practitioner Program ACSTH International Coach Federation ~ 2012
• Crew member in Royal Carribean Cruiseship in Miami Florida since 1999 ~ 2005
• Tourism Academy University Of Trisakti D2
• Founder of Fikar School (School With Coaching Method) ~ 2008 up to now

The Story of Mr. Donny’s Struggle in Establishing the Fikar School

I’ve founded Fikar school from 2008 to the present day…  It was started from my unrest with the quality of education in Indonesia. My educational background was not from ‘Education’ and ‘Psychology’, but it was ‘Tourism’ academy, in Jakarta…  Why I ended up in this world of education is because of my personal experience…  When I used to work abroad right in the United States in a Royal Caribbean yacht company, I saw people who ame from Indonesia, even though they were graduated from college, they have to start working from the lowest level… and this is because of, according to my observation, the quality of education in Indonesia… Even though they were college graduates, but their skill and character are not in accordance with the demands of the jobs.

When I look further back in time, I attended school from elementary school to high school education I experienced too much emphasis on academic subjects and lessons that I don’t need them for my future… It’s just because they were obligations that I had to do (and learn), so I was forced to undergo it as well ONLY for a piece of diploma certificate.
I was never asked about what my goals were… and therefore, even though I’ve got a job, I felt the work I was living was NOT the job I loved… I felt something was missing in my life, I wanted to contribute but I didn’t know what to do until I finally decided to quit my job even though I was paid enormously… At the time I was working on a cruise ship, my heart felt very empty..

Then I stopped working there and decided to be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know what to do… after I dabbled some fields and mostly failed, I felt ‘a calling’ to enter the world of education… I felt that because when I was working, I was very close to the cruise ship passengers, especially the children… I loved to be close to them and they felt the same… It was several times the guests (passengers) of the ship wanted to adopt me to be their child… and also I am liked by their children..

I also liked to give some ‘training’ to my crew friends while working on cruise ships… as in adapting to work there, I was very patient in accompanying them until they are proficient at work…  With those experiences, I ultimately decided to establish an educational institution that different from formal education in general  ~ formal education that emphasizes only at academic education regardless of what a child needs… What I always want is education that matches their talents and passion..

Every child is unique, they have enormous potential if we are aware with it..
There might be some of us who works without passion, only waiting for the end of the month to get the salary… Even, we have the slogan: “I hate monday” Why..?  Because that’s what we feel when we start to work, and that’s exactly what I feel with my livelihood at work… although I was paid a lot (enough), I still felt empty in my heart…  I thought I had to do something that would make the future generations of no longer feel what I felt that time…

Although I don’t have any background in education or psychology, I have the courage to enter the world of education… but it was not the formal education that I want to be involved in since my experience of schooling did not give the qualified education in accordance with the potential and skills that I have, but rather just pursue the diploma certificate… and after that, what’s next..?  Confusing..!

I have a belief that everyone has a ‘call’ to contribute to their society, but education system in Indonesia does not accommodate it… so, they just look for money, and soon they’ll feel the void again..

How long will the money satisfy  us..?  if this ‘pursuit of money’ cannot be controlled, then it would cause catastrophe…  I think we should learn from the corruption cases in our country, and therefore, I dare to plunge into the world of education as our ‘teacher’, Stephen Covey, taught us to focus within the circle of our influence, on what we can do..

My dream is to set up a child-friendly school… a school that focuses on building the best potential that children have, not just a school that cram academic education but it has to build the best character of the child…  I have a confidence that good and strong character/leadreship will develop children’s high confidence… That’s the good things that others will follow like persistence in reaching their future, have a good attitude, have a good spiritual (not just a mere ritual but can be part of his or her character and identity..)

This educational approach is what I really desire… and I personally send my children to this school  ~ the school that we manage…  I want to see him grow up with strong character and leadership, because we realize that good character must be shaped as early as possible to become an ingrained habit…  It would be difficult if the formation of characters is begun after they’ve grown up because they already have the identity that formed for a long time, and if it’s wanted to be changed, they must go through a very heavy struggle like the story of my life…

There is a very good quote :

  • When we sow our minds, we will reap the action…
  • When we sow our actions, we will reap the habit…
  • When we sow our habits, we will reap fate…

Well, now the question is : “Where will we bring the education for our children..?”
Education is the beginning for the formation of the minds of our children…
Is it appropriate to the best potential that our children have, or even ‘shut off’ theirs..?

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